Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PLN Assignment

Alrighty, so I've set up a folder within my Goggle Reader just for IPT 286. Special! Here she is:

Here's a shot of my Google Reader. If you look at the bottom left hand corner, you'll see a folder called IPT 286 containing six links I'm following right now. Two belong to fellow English Teaching majors in the class, D.Asay and Katy.

I've subscribed to the newsfeed of the National Council of Teachers of English. It's a great resource because it hits on virtually any and every issue that has anything to do with the teaching of English. It also follows changes in educational law and policy, which is useful in an ever evolving teaching environment.

I'm also following Secondary Worlds, a really dynamic blog that discusses current events in technology in the field of English Teaching. is also a cool teacher-generated site about English and technology. It covers more of the hands-on details of applying tech savvy to teaching English.

Finally, I'm watching Free Technology for Teachers, which is a site with resource helps for teachers who are looking to spice up their teaching or supplement student research with technology and internet aids. It's a pretty comprehensive site as well.

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  1. Hey Hilary,

    My name is Katy and I'm another English Teaching major in our IP&T class. I just thought I'd share one of the blogs I found with you: the author/creator is a teacher and on her page she just shares some tips and ideas to help in using technology in the classroom.